Our Services

Why Use Us

Located in Buenos Aires, we are on a convenient time zone for people across the Americas. Importantly, we speak Spanish and English.

At VISAustral, what you see is what you get: if you are applying for a visa, Phillip will be your primary point of contact; if you are looking at study options, Mariana will be the one directing you.

Our team is highly qualified and we do it all directly rather than delegating it to someone who does not have the qualifications and experience which you are paying for.

Our Fees

The Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority publishes a range of fees. Our fees will always fall within this range and we aim to keep them as close to the bottom of the range as is reasonably possible. We apply the same range to the equivalent New Zealand visas as well.

We are able to keep our fees relatively low because we operate out of Argentina, where costs are lower than Australia and New Zealand.

In most cases, we do not charge for student visas.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian and New Zealand immigration systems are complex. Whether you want to move permanently or go and study English during your summer vacation, you’ll either need to understand your visa requirements, or get an agent who can explain them to you.