Australia and New Zealand have many different types of visas to cater for different situations. Below, we have set out the key features of the most commonly applied for visas.

Skilled migration

Skilled migration to Australia and New Zealand is based around an objective points scoring system. By completing a short questionnaire, we can make a preliminary assessment about your eligibility to migrate to Australia or New Zealand.


Temporary Business Visas

There are different visa options in Australia and New Zealand which allow workers to work for periods of between one day and four years (in the case of Australia) or for up to the length of a particular project (in the case of New Zealand).


Investor Visas

Both Australia and New Zealand have visa options for business owners and investors. This provides an alternative path to skilled migration for high net-wealth individuals and entrepreneurs.


Work and Holiday Visas

Australia and New Zealand offer limited work and holiday visas to young people from a range of countries. This can be a way to try it out before making a permanent move or treated as a gap year.


Partner Visa

Fallen in love with an Aussie or a Kiwi and want to move to their country? Australia and New Zealand have specific visas for people in your situation.


Study in Australia or New Zealand

Whether it’s to study at a university, a tertiary institute, an English language school or a high school, we’ve got you covered. Australia and New Zealand offer a native English learning experience at a fraction of the cost of North America or the United Kingdom.


Visitor Visa

Everyone needs a visa to go to Australia – even if it is only for a short time. New Zealand grants many temporary visitors visas on arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian and New Zealand immigration systems are complex. Whether you want to move permanently or go and study English during your summer vacation, you’ll either need to understand your visa requirements, or get an agent who can explain them to you.